Transform your business by accurately tracking your high-value assets in real time, wherever they are located. Partner with traQmatiX for cutting-edge IoT-enabled asset tracking that lets you maintain constant visibility of people, cargo, heavy equipment, or any mission critical asset.

Supply Chain Transformation Drives Business Transformation

In an increasingly complex and globalized logistics landscape, being able to accurately track assets as they move throughout the supply chain can be a huge advantage for businesses.

With more visibility and control over their logistics network, businesses have a great opportunity to reduce loss and theft, save money, improve operational efficiencies, and even creating new business opportunities based on this intelligence.

For more than 7 years, traQmatiX has been helping companies design, develop, and deploy reliable and cost-effective IoT & Connectivity solutions. As a leading provider of end-to-end managed tracking solutions, we help forward-thinking enterprises create truly connected tracking networks that utilize the latest LTE-M and NB-IoT standards to provide highly-accurate geolocation capabilities in an extremely compact size.

traQmatiX offers all of the building blocks - software, hardware, and connectivity expertise - to create a comprehensive asset tracking solution. Alternatively, to save on development time and accelerate your time to market, traQmatiX also offers end-to-end, market ready managed services to track any asset, almost anywhere in the world.

Benefits of IoT for Mobile Asset Tracking

Having accurate data on mobile assets gives enterprises the ability to modernize their logistics operations, lower costs and improve the flow of assets as they make their way to clients.

Eliminating delays

With 81% of companies reporting at least one disruption in the supply chain in the past year, asset tracking can be a key tool in improving their responsiveness and reducing time to market. It’s common for assets to cross many international borders in their journey to customers, hence, delays are sometimes inevitable. But by using IoT-enabled trackers with built-in alerts for inbound and outbound shipments, logistics managers can take contingency measures if any assets are postponed or disrupted. Predictive analytics can be used to forecast delays before they happen.

Cutting costs and improving ROI

Having the ability to track exactly where any mobile asset is in the entire supply chain is particularly useful when looking for items that have been stolen or lost. In the India alone, cargo theft is estimated to cost more than INR 1000 Cr. a year. Even a small improvement on this figure potentially generates millions of dollars in annual savings.

Creating New Business Models

There is also the potential to establish new revenue streams. In fact, 79% of supply chain leaders record higher revenue growth than their industry average. As the adoption rate of IoT devices continues to climb, so will situations where enterprises are able to create new revenue streams or price their services more competitively for clients.

Improving customer experience

With 89% of companies now competing mostly on customer experience, IoT-based asset tracking can allow businesses to create a truly customer-centric supply network that delivers a crucial competitive edge.

In order to provide this level of service a key element is the device-to-cloud integration. The IoT devices in the supply chain must connect seamlessly and reliably to the cloud wherever they are located, run applications that provide insights from cloud to the edge. Edge computing reduces the amount of bandwidth needed, limits demands on cloud processing and cloud storage, and speeds up the transmission of information, allowing for a real-time view of the supply chain.

Tracking Mobile Assets

We’ve developed numerous successful IoT deployments. By starting with traQmatiX , companies can be confident they’ll build a technology solution that offers the right combination of simplicity, security, and scalability – all while triggering a transition in operations.

Start with traQmatiX and we will partner with your organization in two significant ways.

  • We offer devices, network, expertise and an IoT platform that companies can integrate to create a comprehensive IoT solution for asset tracking.
  • In addition, we also offer managed end-to-end turnkey solutions for specific industries which save development time and accelerate time to market. These solutions bundle hardware and network components to provide a managed IoT solution for asset tracking.

traQmatiX gives enterprises the ability to move away from legacy systems and leverage the potential of IoT including:

  • Access to your data in the cloud
  • Device and network management services to keep your equipment online
  • Country wide connectivity to collect and send your data to the cloud
  • GPS E-lock devices to secure your assets:
    • Out-of-the-Box Transit Solutions
    • Embedded Modules and Programmable Devices

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