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In a vast country like India, with its widespread petroleum product distribution network, continuous safe operation of these units is a national imperative. For HPCL keeping a constant vigil on the Supervisors charged with the task of maintenance of these units was a crucial factor.

traQmatiX was entrusted with the task of providing a comprehensive solution to strengthen the existing system and to ensure effective control mechanism. Our teams after much needed research provided the solution in the form of GPS enabled hand held devices and workforce trackers to track the employees in real time and keep a check on the schedules. GPS tracking web app was also developed so that timely notifications about any new updates could be received. The solution worked perfectly well; thanks to the efforts from our operations, research & delivery teams.

hindustan petroleum corporation limited

Ineffective solid waste management remains a major challenge to many developing economies, Ghana inclusive.

The trajectory of efficiently managing refuse generation has necessitated the demand for an efficient way of waste management services.

Ghana was bedeviled with inadequacy of efficient systems and lack of well thought management plan for solid waste collection.

After an extensive study of the crux of the issue, traQmatiX team recommended Real Time Track & RFID Modules to improve on current system.

Implementing this solution resulted in enormous savings on Operations cost & led to ease in monitoring the productivity of the entire process; thus providing huge benefits to the authorities.

Municipal Corporation

ghana Government

Pilferage of materials while transportation of goods, is a problem affecting consumers and businesses alike. BSFC was faced with a similar issue in a chronic form owing to its large fleet and highly sensitive areas of Bihar, and needed immediate respite.

To counter this issue, traQmatiX provided ultra sonic load sensors designed using leading edge sensor technology offering superior stability and accuracy.

It can monitor the exact location of pilferage which helped virtually eliminate pilferage cases for BSFC.

Public Distribution


Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service currently operating in 23 countries, including India, Australia and the United States.

With a huge initial success rate and growing consumer base, it started facing challenges in the delivery of food orders.

traQmatiX conceptualized the solution by creating a middleware Interface between customer & Delivery Force. Now Customers can track the deliveries themselves and zomato saved on huge operational cost.

Food Industry


India News is a 24-hour Hindi news television channel in India. It is owned and operated by ITV Network. Its motto is "Desh Ki Dhadkan".

How to monitor their Live U (Live Shoots), was the query brought in front of traQmatiX team. In breaking news situations, when something’s happening in real-time, you have just one opportunity to capture a moment; hence the critical nature of the requirement.

After considering a number of multi-dimensional factors, traQmatiX implemented a supervision program involving the use of our proprietary technology for location-based tracking. The backpacks being distributed to employees were made GPS Enabled with advanced software based support for communication, enabling the authorities to monitor & utilize their resources in an easy and productive manner.


India News

ColdEX is India's premier cold chain company. It has evolved as one of the largest and most trusted brands in the country offering one-stop shop solution to all temperature controlled supply chain requirements across the length and breadth of the nation.

It requires to monitor the real time temperature of the good, to perform its primary service offering. By Providing Real time Temperature monitoring sensor and smart alerts to take actions, traQmatiX provided the much needed component to fulfill its commitment of ensuring that they deliver safely and on-time. This solution made operations get easy for Coldex.



Following the liquor ban in Bihar, there was an immediate requirement for the Excise department to exercise its authority to control the illegal distribution of banned substances.

Security of the confiscated materials while transportation was extremely crucial for Excise department to check pilferage.

In the sensitive areas of Bihar, it was pertinent that an optimum and reliable solution be provided to track, prevent and counter any security threats during transit of materials.

With the use of advanced technology GPS enabled equipments in the vehicles continuously communicating with the check points at district entry and exit points and installation of electronic locks to ensure enhanced security of the shipments, traQmatiX helped effectively seal the borders
vis-à-vis illicit liquor. The solution has been working effectively thus contributing to this historic decision taken by the Bihar government.


Bihar Excise

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January 23, 2019

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